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CorelDraw Basics for Beginners


CorelDraw Basics for Beginners

CorelDraw basics is your help line guide to be a coreldraw professional. CorelDraw is an application package, used for creating graphical and simple designs. CorelDraw comes along with a blank drawing window and a drawing page whenever you load the program. The drawing window and drawing page differs, so don’t be so confused about the both.

The drawing page is displayed as a portrait form, found on the drawing window. If your work is not in the drawing window and the printing process is about to be done, CorelDraw won’t recognize any work on the print preview. Every work you do on CorelDraw must be placed inside the drawing window to enable coreldraw program detects your work in the print preview display.

We’ll teach you all the simple coreldraw basics that will give you the knowledge and ideas to learn this program very well. We’ll be taking you on several topics on this article about the CorelDraw basics.

We’re going to learn Understanding the CorelDraw Window, How to load CorelDraw, How to Create a Blank (New) File in CorelDraw, How to Add Multiple Pages in CorelDraw File, How to Save a CorelDraw File, How to Open Existing CorelDraw File, How to Save a CorelDraw File as a Template Format, How to Close a CorelDraw File, How to Import a Picture from Your Computer Into CorelDraw file and How to Export a Picture in CorelDraw.

Understanding CorelDraw Window

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How to Load CorelDraw

You can load your CorelDraw program with just a simple step. This step also applies to all CorelDraw Graphics Suites Programs.

  1. Click on Start Button
  2. Point to ALL PROGRAM
  3. Click on CorelDraw Graphics Suite (inside you’ll find sets of program that belongs to the CorelDraw Graphics Suites Family).
  4. Point and Click on CorelDraw 12, 13, 14 etc. (then, the program displays to you showing its window views).

How to Create a Blank (New) File in CorelDraw

When they say blank or new file, simply means a drawing page with no design work present in it. A new file is a fresh and clean drawing window and drawing page in CorelDraw. This is one of the important coreldraw basics every coreldraw user need to know.

  1. Click on File Menu
  2. Click on NEW (As soon as you click on the new command, your CorelDraw display a fresh drawing window and a drawing page).

How to Add Multiple Pages in CorelDraw File

Whenever you load your CorelDraw program, it comes along with a single page tab named Page 1. Assuming you’re working with this single page and decided to do more of your design work in another page, you must add more pages using the plus (+) button. Adding of pages also, is needful coreldraw basics you should always remember for doing more works in coreldraw and the rest steps headline below.

  1. Point to the plus (+) Sign Button
  2. Click on it. After that
  3. Your CorelDraw creates additional page named (Page 2). Also note that, it’s possible to add as many pages as you want.

How to Save a CorelDraw File

Saving your document before or after you’ve finish your work is very important. If you save a work in the computer system with a respective name you feel like using and wish to get back the work, the computer will help you locate the file name by you searching with the exact name used in saving that file. So, always remember that saving your file is necessary for every computer user in coreldraw and other programs.

  1. Click on File
  2. Click on Save As (the Save As dialog box will appear to you).
  3. On the File Name Area, type in the name you want to use to save the work)
  4. After you’ve type in the file name you want to use
  5. Click on SAVE

How to Open Existing CorelDraw File

I’m sure most computer user will be wondering what is meant by an existing CorelDraw file. An existing CorelDraw file, are mainly files that do already exist in your CorelDraw program, a saved work that was previously done by you or anyone else.

  1. If you load your CorelDraw program
  2. Click on File Menu
  3. Click on Open (the CorelDraw displays its Open dialog box)
  4. Search for the file you want to open (if you find it)
  5. Click on it to Select
  6. Click on Open on the open dialog box

FOR SHORTCUT: On the CorelDraw window, Press Control (CTRL) + O (which stands for Open) and the open dialog box displays, then choose the file to be open and then click on the open button.

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How to Save a CorelDraw File as a Template Format

I’d hope you have heard about the word “template”. Templates are already made designs. They provide easy access on works for computer users. In CorelDraw, you can create your own already made design and save as a template format.

  1. After setting up the work you want to save as a template
  2. Click on File Menu
  3. Click on Save As
  4. On the Save As dialog box, you’ll see Save As Type area
  5. Click on it and a list of drop down commands will appear
  7. Click on Save

How to Close a CorelDraw File

If you’ve more than one CorelDraw active file, and want to close few of them, here are the steps below:

  1.  Click the File Menu. There you’ll see Close.
  2. Click on Close (if you haven’t save your work file before, in the process of closing the file, CorelDraw will ask you whether to save the work before closing it, if you wish to save the additional work, choose yes, if you do not want to save changes, click NO.). To close multiple CorelDraw files, click on the same File Menu, and you’ll see Close All.

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How to Import a Picture from Your Computer into CorelDraw File

CorelDraw import means bringing of pictures into the CorelDraw environment from your computer file.

  1. Click on File Menu or Press Control + I (Import)
  2. Click on Import (the import dialog box will appear)
  3. Locate the picture you want to import from your computer system file
  4. Click on the picture if you’ve found one
  5. Click on Import (after you’ve click on the import button, your mouse pointer changes and the name used in saving the picture you’re importing displays on it.
  6. Press the ENTER button to import the picture right at the center of your drawing page.  

How to Export a Picture in CorelDraw

If you’re exporting a picture, you must choose a location where you want that exported picture to save in the computer environment. E.g. Desktop.

  1. Click on the picture you want to export on the CorelDraw window
  2. Click on File Menu or Press Control + E (Export). The export dialog box appears
  3. Type in the file name and choose the save as type format you want and your location where you want to save the exported picture.
  4. Click on Export (the convert to bitmap dialog box appears)
  5. Click on Ok (the save JPEG Export)
  6. Click on Ok. (Final)

Hope you enjoy this basic of CorelDraw


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