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How to Apply Format Painter in Microsoft Word


How to Apply Format Painter in Microsoft Word

How to apply format painter in word, format painter is a tool used for transferring text attributes from one text to another text. Text attributes simply means those features that are applied on a text to make it look beautiful and attractive such as: color, bold, italic, underline and character styles.

It seems you’re finding it hard on how to make use of format painter in your Microsoft Word? If yes, then, you’re in the right place to solve this problem on how you can use the format painter tool. I assure you that after you have finish reading this article, you will have no big deal on how to use this format painter.

But first, take your time and energy to read through this topic very well, in order to understand the meaning and function of using the format painter tool.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you can perform this function by using the format painter tool, first you must have a text in your document that has already been formatted. Smiles, are you lost, I know you’ll asking yourself how a formatted text looks like, don’t in a hurry we’re going to show you how a formatted text looks like.


What is Formatting of Text?

Formatting of text is the process by which a text is been beautify or by making the text looks attractive by applying color, bold, italic, underline etc. See how a formatted text looks like TECHPROF and non-formatted text look like this TECHPROF. Now, if you want to transfer the appearance of a formatted text to a non-formatted text like which looks like this “TECHPROF”. Follow the steps below:


How to Apply Format Painter to a Single Text in Ms Word

1. Select or highlight the formatted text (e.g. TECHPROF)

2. Click on the HOME menu

3. Click on FORMAT PAINTER (Your mouse pointer will now change like a brush)

4. Point and click on the non-formatted text (e.g. TECHPROF)


How to Apply Format Painter to Multiple Texts in Ms Word

Also note that, you can activate your format painter into multiple selections of texts in your document. This will enable you to keep on applying format painter function to your desired texts in your document step by step. See the procedure below:

1. Select the formatted text (It’s compulsory that you must first select or highlight the formatted text            before doing anything else).

2. Go to HOME menu

3. Double-Click on FORMAT PAINTER (by double-clicking on the format painter, it activates to                   multiple selection function).

4. Point and click on each word you wish to apply the format painter to in a sentence or paragraph step         by step.

See how multiple selections of text looks like using format painter



To Cancel the Multiple Activation on Your Format Painter

After which you’ve finish applying the multiple selection using the format painter to your texts inside your document, to deactivate the command in use, you’ll need to press the Esc (escape) button from the keyboard.

We hope this tutorial really help you a lot. Please do drop us a comment using the comment box below.


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