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How to Display Multiple Lines of Text in a Cell in Excel


How to Display Multiple Lines of Text in a Cell in Excel

How to display multiple lines of text in excel cell, if you start typing a sentence in a single cell (e.g. CELL A1), the texts enters another cells. In excel, cells are not too big to contain a multiple lines of text. Though cells can be expanded through the column lines and the row lines just to make multiple lines of text to fit in. In this article we’re talking about how it can be fit in without increasing the column or row line.

So if you’ve multiples lines of text (e.g “TechProf is a Tech Blog” in a cell and wish to display all in a single cell.

Below are the steps to follow:

1. Type this “TechProf is a Tech Blog” in any cell (e.g. Cell A1). After finish typing the sentence, you must click on the first cell that starts your sentence.

2. Click on ALIGNMENT ribbon (a dialog box displays to you)

3. Click on WRAP TEXT

4. Click on OK


Other Alternative Way On How Display Multiple Lines of Text in Excel Cell

To use this alternative way, you’ll have to be typing your text one after the other and then, be pressing the Alternate + ENTER button. See steps below:

1. Type “TechProf” and then, press Alternate (Alt) + ENTER button

2. Type “is a tech“, press Alt + ENTER

3. Finally type this “Blog” then press only the ENTER button. Finally, here’s how a multiple lines of text that was displayed on a single cell looks like:

We hope you really enjoyed this tutorial.

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