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How to Fix WordPress Plugins Installation Failed (Destination Folder Already Exist)


How to Fix WordPress Plugins Installation Failed (Destination Folder Already Exist)

WordPress plugin installations failed are common issues, you might encounter while trying to install any of your desired WordPress plugin. I must use myself as an example to this article.

I’ve encounter such problem several times while trying to install the “Yoast” plugin in my WordPress dashboard, but finally it was fixed up. If you’re facing such problems while install a plugin, you must delete the “Already Existing Folder” through the CPANEL of your hosting company and then try installing the plugin once again. Read through as we’ll shortly list out the steps to fix this problem.

So, from experience and once a victim on such issue, I’ve made this article for you my fellow bloggers. I’ll teach you how to fix the WordPress plugin “installation failed: Destination Folder Already Exist”. But before I’ll show you, take note that, the area where you’ll delete the Already Exist Folder is from your hosting CPANEL, which is one of the precious places that holds and control everything about your website. So, you’ve to be careful with how it’s been handled.

See below how to fix WordPress plugin installations failed and a screenshot that will guide you through.

Step 1.

Login into your Hosting Company Client Dashboard and locate your CPANEL from there or login to your CPANEL direct.


Step 2.

After accessing your CPANEL, click on FILE MANAGER


Step 3.

Click on public_html


Step 4.

Click on wp-content

Step 5.

Double-click on Plugin Folder

Step 6.

Check for the plugin name you want to delete and click on it

Step 7.

At the top of the File Manager menu, click on DELETE

Step 8.

Go back to your WordPress dashboard plugin to re-install the plugin again

I’m so glad to show you how to fix the WordPress plugin installation failed: Destination Folder Already Exist and I hope this tutorial was really helpful.

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