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How to Setup Multiplayer Mode on Dream League Soccer 2021(DLS 21 Settings)


How to Setup Multiplayer Mode on Dream League Soccer 2021(DLS 21 Settings)

In Dream League Soccer, you can actually play against your close friends, colleagues around you or with random gamers from any part of the world. This is called “DLS multiplayer mode“. With this method, you will have the luxury of enjoying your favorite dream league games with your friends either online or via Wi-Fi connection. So if you are tired of playing the career mode, it’s time to test your ability with other real gamers in real life via DLS multiplayer mode.

Previously the only multiplayer method in Dream League Soccer is the “Dream League online” (DLO) where you are pitched against random players competing in different Tiers starting from tier 20.

But the update of version 8.11 of Dream League Soccer 2021, introduced a brand new multiplayer mode called “Friend Match

I will explain the three different multiplayer modes in this game and show you how to set them up.

Dream League Live

Dream League  Live (Online) is the first and most popular multiplayer mode in Dream League Soccer. Although, it’s online, yet gamers are addicted to it because of its features and how interactive and competitive it is while playing. If you thing you have mastered how DLS is played, if you think no one can ever defeat you in the game, come to DLO and see how you will get smashed by others from different parts of the World. This is why you need DLS cheats to stand a chance of winning most matches online.

The secrete to progressing in this mode by sighing the best players to build your team. After getting all these super stars, increase and boost their ability to the highest level so that they can perform optimally. Don’t play with a weak squad, else, your name is sorry.

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You start from Tier 20 until you get to tier one. While Tier 20 is the easiest as it’s the entry point for everyone, tier 1 is the hardest. In fact, it’s very hard to win games in tier 10 talk more of tier 1.

Basic Requirements For Playing Dream League Soccer 18, 19, 20 & 21 Multiplayer Mode

  • Two or more Android devices are needed for connection (That is two Android phones with a Wi-Fi or hotspot)
  • Wi-Fi hotspot must be working
  • Two players (you and your friend you wish to play the game with)
  • Dream League Soccer Game

Once these requirements are met, use below information to configure the multiplayer mode.

Now follow below guides to setup DLO multiplayer mode on your device.

Dream League Live Multiplayer

  • Then tap on “Team management” to set your tactics, formation, assign set piece takers and also boost your players overall ratings.
  • After that, go back and tap on “Play Now

Play your way through Tier 1. Good luck!!!

Local Match

Unlike in the Dream League LIVE online which requires internet connection, the Local Match multiplayer mode is offline. All both players need is just Wi-Fi connection.

Here is how to set it up…

  • Turn on WiFi in your phone and let your friend open his phone hotspot to connect with yours.
  • Make sure both phones are connected.
  • Then, in your phone, tap on “local multiplayer” and wait till it brings out a searching list.
  • Once it brings the list out, turn off it’s WiFi and on its hotspot and click create game.
  • Now make sure both phones are really connected.
  • Finally, in one phone, start game and let the other person start his or hers.
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The process seems long but it’s actually easy when you get used to it.

Friends Match

Now, this is the most recent multiplayer mode added to Dream League Soccer. It’s similar to local match but you and your opponent need internet connection and a unique code to connect if you don’t want to use WIFI.

This one is perfect for gamers that are distantly separated but want to play against each others.

For instance, in the DLS Group that I belong, we have Indians, Nigerians, Americans, South Africans , Europeans and so on. So the only way we play against each other is through the “Friends Match”. It’s really interesting and fun.

Here is how to setup Friends Match in Dream League Soccer 2021.

  • Open the DLS game
  • Tap on “More

dream League interface

  • Select “Friends Match

Dream league soccer multiplayer settings

  • A pop up to “create or join a match” will come up

match connection

  • Enter a code (must be 3 to 31 characters length
  • Now tell your opponent the number to enter in his or her own game to join the match
  • Once they enter the exact code you entered, they will be connected and you guys can play the match.

As you can see, there are three different multiplayer modes in Dream League Soccer. So FIFA and PES multiplayer mode is not the only soccer games you can play against your friends.

Dream League Soccer keeps getting better with new updates. No wonder it’s now competing with the famous PES and FIFA games.

Also, if you are using iOS devices such as iPhone, iPads, connecting to multiplayer mode on dream league soccer is a little bit different from that of Android. Although a special post on how to connect your iPhone and iPad devices to latest DLS multiplayer mode method is coming on our next post for games. So stay tuned if you are an iOS user that want to enjoy such connection with another phone probably your friend’s device.

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Note that Multiplayer mode lets you compete with your friends on a particular mobile video game in more than one device with the help of wifi or Bluetooth and sometimes, the internet. Though in DLS 2019, the mode of connection doesn’t need mobile data (megabyte), in fact, the game is totally an offline game.

In Summary….

DLS Multiplayer Mode Settings For Android

  • First and foremost, turn on the wi-fi on both Android devices
  • Next, connect both android phones to the hotspot of the third device
  • Then launch any of the DLS games you downloaded in both phones you owned their wifi network
  • When the game opens, simply tap on Dream League Online in both devices
  • On your device screen, check at the bottom corner and tap on the Local Wi-Fi displayed there.
  • Finally, create connection using any of the two phones and then join using the other device.

Congrats! Both your Android device and that of your friends are now connected to multiple player mode. Now it’s time of you guys to compete and challenge each other and see who will win. I’m sure you will not beat me in a football game because I am a Pro in it. Do you want to challenge me? Hahahahaha see you.

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